Caroline Diaco

Group Publisher

Possessing a broad skill set in print, digital, and custom publishing as well as sales, marketing and new business development, Caroline has been publisher of Footwear Plus for the past 15 years. Over that time, she has become an integral part of the $70 billion footwear industry, serving as a trusted liaison between key wholesalers and retailers, being an active participant in numerous industry-related charitable efforts, and managing the record growth of Footwear Plus amid tremendous publishing industry upheaval.

Caroline has presided over numerous successful brand extensions, including the annual Plus Awards (recognizing design and retail excellence in more than 20 distinguished categories), the Footwear Plus Style Hall of Fame (celebrating iconic shoe styles over the past 100 years) and 9Threads Custom Publishing (utilizing Footwear Plus’ award-winning creative talent and 25 years of editorial expertise to offer an industry-specific content creation partner for retailers and manufacturers). Above all else, Caroline is a great communicator with a unique ability to connect people with promising ideas to industry insiders who possess the skills and contacts to turn them into profitable success stories.

Noelle Heffernan

Publisher, Earnshaw’s Magazine

Noelle Heffernan is the Publisher of Earnshaw's Magazine, the near-century old, premier publication serving the children's market.

Noelle has over 14 years’ experience at various business-to-business fashion publications. Since joining Earnshaw’s in 2010, she has played an integral role in business development by cultivating focused relationships with leading retailers, manufacturers, and trade shows - including ENK Children's Club, KIDShow, and Playtime New York. She and her team reinstated the magazine's prestigious Earnie Awards in 2011.

Noelle continues to work at both a strategic and tactical level to ensure that Earnshaw's remains the industry gold standard for on-target fashion, analysis, and inspiration for its audience.

Greg Dutter

Editorial Director, Footwear Plus

Greg Dutter’s career spans more than 25 years in journalism, writing for newspapers, magazines, and digital media. He has covered the footwear industry for nearly two decades, reporting on the latest fashion, retail, manufacturing, and consumer trends.

As Editorial Director of Footwear Plus, Greg possesses an in-depth perspective that blends extensive knowledge of past events and present market conditions to deliver insightful industry forecasts. He addresses pertinent industry issues within the context of the big picture by covering both leading and up-and-coming brands, as well as current home run styles and those that may be on deck for the future.

Greg considers himself to be a journalist first and foremost, and an honorary Shoe Dog second. He enjoys keeping pace with this ever-evolving industry from season to season and category to category. Most of all, he relishes reporting on the industry’s human element: the fascinating, talented, and hardworking individuals involved in this colorful world of footwear.

Nancy Campbell

Creative Director, 9Threads

Nancy Campbell, who has worked at Mademoiselle, YM and Harper’s Bazaar during her career, brings a fashion background to the team. Nancy and Trevett McCandliss have been working together for over a decade to create a harmonious relationship between messaging, design, and photography on the pages of Footwear Plus and Earnshaw’s. The pair combines innovative typography and conceptually driven fashion photography in a signature style that is punctuated by fresh, reader-friendly, and exciting designs.

Trevett McCandliss

Creative Director, 9Threads

Trevett McCandliss underscores the team’s talent with an inventive approach to the trade. Collectively, Nancy and Trevett have received more than 80 design and photography awards for their work at 9Threads, including recognition from the Society of Publication Designers, Graphis, Communication Arts, and Creative Quarterly. They have been guest speakers of the Denmark’s School of Media and Journalism, the College Media Association, the School of Visual Arts, and the Fashion Institute of Technology. They have also chaired events for The Society of Publication Designers Student Outreach Committee.